Welcome To SANDAR BIRI MFG Company

We are one of the leading manufacturers of "Beedies" the name of our company is "SANDAR BIRI" Having its registered office at West Bengal , Kolkota. Our Beedi workers were known for their skill and dedication.

Due to the supreme confidence and unshaken faith Akbar Ali Haque had in himself and his capability and the sincere hard work he put in, he has built this company, bit by bit, to make it what it is today.

This team of executives is ever vigilant in the selection of tendu leaves and tobacco, processing of tobacco, the rolling of beedies and above all in the quality control of the product. As a team they look after the day to day management of the Company. A separate export division caters to the export market. The division has the additional responsibility of manufacture of special beedies meant for export, their packaging & onward transportation.